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Writing a novel is a lonely journey for every writer.

A journey that often requires the discreet and immediate help of specialists to help create the book that has been inspired and dreamed!


BookYourDream consists of people who love literature and respect writers. Its aim is to offer its services directly, responsibly, prestigiously and at affordable prices to those who need advice and suggestions at every stage of their book creation, promotion to publishers and the vast world of the Internet and social media . BookYourDream is next to you at every step!



Our services
Research, writing, correcting, editing, creative discussions, paging, printing, oriented promotion, and appropriate projection are key steps to make your original concept translate into a literary work that will conquer hearts. The BookYourDream team is ready to stand by your side and offer you everything you need to see your book take off!

1. Assessment of Manuscripts and Books
2. Contribution to Research – Material Concentration
3. Typing and Formatting Text
4. Editing – Tips and Guidelines
5. Paging, Printing and Binding
6. Book Promotion in the Media and Bookstores
7. Book translation
8. Creating and managing Personal Blog and Web Page
9. Creating and Managing Social Media Networks


Your STORY can find its way through our own path …and leave its footprint in the field of literature!